Welcome to She Plays: A Letter from the Founder

Have you ever heard the phrase “You play ball like a girl!” used as an insult? We have too. Throughout our lives. But the fact is, playing ball like a girl isn’t insulting. There are incredible, intelligent, insanely talented female athletes around the world and we want their voices to be heard. We want future generations of boys and girls to know that they can look up to athletes (male AND female) and see someone they can admire.

Equal Play, Equal Display

Following the US women’s victory in the 2015 World Cup Tournament, the fight for “equal play, equal pay”  became a hot topic of discussion in the sports world. Female athletes make significantly less in salary, prize money, endorsements, league sponsorships, etc. than their male counterparts, which is a big problem. Another part of the problem is the lack of “equal play, equal display.” Walk into any Barnes & Noble, peruse the magazine section, and see how many (or really, how few) female athletes you find on the cover of sports magazines. Flip through the sports channels on your TV and see how many women’s professional sports leagues are shown on major networks. Did you know there is a professional hockey league for women in the United States? A lot of people don’t, because it is so rarely talked about in the media. The lack of exposure and promotion of women’s sports is staggering, all brought on by a lack on investment in these women and their leagues.

The Mission of She Plays

Well, we want to change that. Not only do we want to create fantasy sports around women’s professional leagues for the simple fact that these leagues deserve it, but because it also helps grow the leagues. It’s statistically proven that fantasy sports players watch, read, and pay more attention to the respective sport itself. By introducing fantasy sports to women’s professional sports leagues, we hope to be part of the movement to give women’s sports a bigger platform, a louder voice, and equal footing in the USA and around the world. We want to give these phenomenal female athletes a chance to show off the skills they have spent building over years of hard work and dedication. Women are worth the investment, worth the time to watch and enjoy… they are just simply worth it. So here we are, ready to work, eager to make a difference. Because at the end of the day, she doesn’t sit around and wait for someone else to make a difference. She gets up, she drinks her coffee (duh!), and She Plays.

Who We Are

We are three best friends from college who believe in women’s empowerment and equality in sport. One has her MBA, one is a marketing professional, and the other spent four years managing a local chapter of a non-profit organization. Growing up, we loved playing sports, being on teams, learning hard work and admiring women who excelled in their sport. Now that we are older and have the moxie and the means, we want to help the athletes inspiring the next generation get the voice and platform they deserve.

So What Exactly Are We Doing?

We are creating a website that hosts fantasy sports for women’s professional sports leagues, as well as a podcast to accompany the site. The fantasy sports hosted will include free bracket challenges, for-pay season-long leagues, and for-pay daily fantasy games. Our goal is to have fantasy sports associated with the 2019 World Cup (soccer), NWHL & CWHL (hockey), WTA (tennis), LPGA (golf), NCAAW Tournament (basketball), NWSL (soccer), NPF (softball), WNBA (basketball).  We are starting in the USA and Canada and hope in the next year or two moving to international leagues.

Join Us!

Our Kickstarter will end mid-April, our prototype will be tested in May, and our website/app will launch for a free entry, big cash prize bracket challenge for the 2019 World Cup in June. For the NWHL and CWHL hockey seasons that start in October, we will be adding season-long fantasy leagues as well as daily fantasy sports games for pay. Over the next year, we will offer fantasy sports for leagues in the US as their seasons begin (WTA and LPGA in December/January; NWSL in April; WNBA and NPF in May).

Join us today by checking out our Kickstarter and signing up for updates!