6 Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Women’s Sports Fanatic

The holidays are here, and the gift-giving season is upon us! Rather than racking your brain to guess what your friends or family members may like, check out our these gift ideas for a few things that will be sure to bring joy to any women’s sports fan in your life.

Ice Hockey for Beginners

Maybe you’ve grown up watching ice hockey all of your life. Maybe all you know about the sport you learned from Charlie and the rest of the Ducks.      Either way, we’ve got you covered with this post!  As the NWHL starts its fifth season, we wanted to introduce newbies to some hockey terms/rules. ForContinue reading “Ice Hockey for Beginners”

Your Basic Soccer Lingo

The 2019 World Cup is happening. You’ve seen the hype. You’ve heard about some of the key players. But maybe you didn’t play soccer, and are a little fuzzy on some of the rules and terms you hear thrown around during any given match. Well don’t worry, this quick guide to basic soccer lingo will make sure you know what those commentators are talking about during this World Cup and beyond.