6 Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Women’s Sports Fanatic

The holidays are here, and the gift-giving season is upon us! Rather than racking your brain to guess what your friends or family members may like, check out our these gift ideas for a few things that will be sure to bring joy to any women’s sports fan in your life.

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6 Hacks to Help You Make Better Decisions

Should I go out tonight or stay in? Is this the time to move on in my career or should I stay where I am for awhile? Should I buy these new boots or wait until next year? 

It’s been estimated that the average adult makes about 35,000 decisions every day. That’s almost 2,000 decisions an hour, over ~18 waking hours. Some of these decisions are big ones – decisions about life changes, career choices, relationships. And some are small decisions, things like whether or not to eat that second cookie or to move forward with a non-major purchase.

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Hockey Season is Here! Anya Battaglino Shares What You Need to Know as a New or Seasoned NWHL Fan.

We recently had the chance to catch up with Anya Battaglino on She Plays: The Podcast. Anya is the Executive Director of the NWHL Players’ Association and a former player for the Connecticut Whales in the NWHL (National Women’s Hockey League) and CWHL (Canadian Women’s Hockey League). Here are a few things Anya shared with us about her role with the NWHL and the best way for new and seasoned fans to help grow the NWHL this season.

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Ice Hockey for Beginners

Maybe you’ve grown up watching ice hockey all of your life. Maybe all you know about the sport you learned from Charlie and the rest of the Ducks. 



Either way, we’ve got you covered with this post! 

As the NWHL starts its fifth season, we wanted to introduce newbies to some hockey terms/rules. For all of you experts, this should be a fun little refresher!



Be sure to head to games if you’re local to NWHL and tune in to TWITCH for live-streams of all games if you’re located elsewhere!


Also, don’t miss our podcast interview with Anya Packer former NWHL player and current Executive Director of the NWHLPA!

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5 Leadership Lessons You Learned Playing Sports

Good leadership is one of those things that’s hard to describe, but we know it when we see it. We all aspire to lead well – whether it’s at our company, non-profit or community – but it’s hard to know what that looks like day-to-day. The good news is that leadership is not an innate talent – it’s something we can work on to improve.

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The 2019 World Cup Was Awesome — But There’s Still a Lot of Work To Do

Rapinoe from the penalty spot. Lavelle making sure everyone remembered her name for scoring the last goal of the tournament – and a beauty of a goal at that. The 2019 World Cup was euphoria in so many ways, especially for those of us who had the privilege of cheering on our USWNT as they conquered the field to bring the World Cup trophy home once again. We discuss it in our recent blog – some of the killer matches, the players and teams who made history, the record roaring crowds, and the momentum for important international equality issues like the glaring pay gap between male and female players. And yet there are still issues – including the pay gap – that loom large over women’s soccer. Issues that we should not, and cannot, forget for another four years.

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Why This World Cup Matters (Even After the Final Game)

The World Cup is one of the most incredible tournaments in existence, and every four years we get to experience another month of greatness unfolding before us, match by match, save by save, and goal by goal. But the 2019 FIFA World Cup has some really special things about it that make it one we’ll remember for many years to come — and not just for the introduction of VAR. Read on to remember the killer matches, the athletes and squads who made history this Cup, the booming fan bases, what still needs to be improved, and the road ahead for women’s soccer/football around the world.

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Your Basic Soccer Lingo

The 2019 World Cup started last week. You’ve seen the hype. You’ve heard about some of the key players. But maybe you didn’t play soccer, and are a little fuzzy on some of the rules and terms you hear thrown around during any given match.

Well don’t worry, this quick guide to basic soccer lingo will make sure you know what those commentators are talking about during this World Cup and beyond.

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Your Quick Guide to the 2019 FIFA World Cup

June snuck up on you. And you’ve been hearing about the 2019 FIFA World Cup, in which the twenty-four best women’s national soccer teams in the world will compete for glory in the greatest soccer tournament in the world. It’s the pinnacle of any soccer player’s career. And it starts this week.

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5 Ways Playing Sports Taught You How to be a Good Friend

I like choosing a word of the year because it’s more flexible than a resolution. This year the word I chose is “relationships.” Coming off of getting my MBA while working full-time, I was in the red as far as giving time to the people in my life. And I wanted to prioritize them this year.

As the months have come and gone since January, I’ve paid attention to a few things that make a true friend. The best relationships in my life are built on simple things I first learned while playing sports. It’s back to the basics here – the fundamentals of friendship!

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