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How to Download the App

Go to the Apple Store and search “She Plays” or click the button below! Android/Google Play will be added next week so stay tuned.

How to Play

  1. Download the app and create a free account.
  2. Join or create a league. Looking to be the next Commissioner? Start your very own league! Invite friends, family, and co-workers to compete with you and start your own PHF off-ice tradition. Or join one created by a friend! If you are looking for a league to join, we can help using the button below!
  3. Start your season by drafting a roster of real PHF players to your team. You can have a live draft night with your friends, or set it to auto-pick players for you.
  4. Edit your lineup, make trades with other fantasy players in your league, add and drop players, etc. Prepare your team for a new head-to-head matchup against someone in your league every weekend. 
  5. Tune in to PHF games to watch your players’ action on the ice turn into fantasy points for your team. Let the friendly competition and banter begin in your league’s chat.

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More Quick Info to Start

If you drafted any time before Monday, December 12, you are currently in your first week of play! Please set your rosters before the first puck drops tonight at 7 pm ET, and you’ll start earning your first fantasy points this weekend.

If you drafted sometime this week or plan to draft before Monday, December 19, your season will begin Monday, December 19.

Since the PHF season has already begun, we will be starting our fantasy leagues in a series of rolling starts. Usually, everyone starts leagues and has to draft before the real sports season begins—but this way we can have folks join and play for weeks to come!

Whenever you do have your league draft, your season will begin the following Monday. 

For example: 

  • If you drafted any time before Sunday, December 11 at 11:59 pm -> season is live and set your rosters before games start tonight!
  • If you draft Monday, December 12 – Sunday, December 18 at 11:59 pm -> season begins Monday, December 19 
  • If you draft Monday, December 19 – Sunday, December 25 at 11:59 pm -> season begins Monday, December 26

Players lock: for any new fantasy players, your athletes will lock once their first game of the weekend begins. This prevents team owners from being able to swap people once they see how they are doing in real time. So using the list below, Toronto and Buffalo players will lock tonight at 7 pm. Any players on your active roster from those teams will remain there for the weekend, and any players on your bench from those teams will remain on the bench. All other players from other teams can be added, dropped, traded for, etc. up until their games begin on Saturday or Sunday.

How scores are used: Since most of the PHF athletes play two games a weekend, our scoring system takes their best fantasy score and uses that as their weekend performance. We always allow for league stat changes, so in the event that a score changes after games are played, please know that change is coming from official league stats being recorded. We seek to have scores finalized by the Monday after each weekend of play.

We’d recommend setting an alarm to make sure you set your roster at least five minutes before the first game of the weekend begins.

This weekend’s PHF schedule is: 
Friday, December 16

  • Toronto Six vs. Buffalo Beauts at 7pm ET

Saturday, December 17

  • Metropolitan Riveters vs. Connecticut Whale at 2 pm ET
  • Montreal Force vs. Minnesota Whitecaps at 7 pm ET
  • Toronto Six vs. Buffalo Beauts at 7pm ET

Sunday, December 18

  • Boston Pride vs. Connecticut Whale at 2 pm ET
  • Montreal Force vs. Minnesota Whitecaps at 2 pm ET

We are also going to be implementing an injury report for upcoming weekends to help you make your roster decisions each week. 

We are SO appreciative of you playing! We are building all of this from scratch and can’t wait to keep adding features and news items that make your fantasy PHF experience the best it can be. Please do not hesitate to reach out and share any ideas or feedback! We are building this for YOU and want it to be something you are proud to be a part of and that you’d be excited to share with friends, family, coworkers, etc. 

Have a great weekend and happy playing/drafting/fantasy team managing!

The She Plays Team

Want to play but need a league to join?

Public leagues are now open! Go to Join a League and select one that has teams open! Still have questions, fill out this form:

Roster & Scoring

Roster: Total (8); Weekly roster (6)

  • Draft will have empty spots for:
    3F, 2D, 1 Flex (F/D/G), 2 bench spots (F/D/G)
  • Game day roster: 3 forwards, 2 defense, 1 Flex


Goal+ 3 pts
PPG (Power Play Goal)+ 1 pt
Game Winning Goal+ 1 pt
Assist+ 2 pts
Shot on Goal+ 0.5 pts
Short Handed Goal+ 1 pt
Shootout Goal+ 0.5 pts
Hat Trick Bonus+ 3 pts
PIM (Penalty Infraction Minutes)– 0.25 pts
Faceoff Won+ 0.25 pts
Faceoff Lost– 0.25 pts
Faceoff Win Percentage0.0-25% = -1
25.1-50% = 0
50.1-75% = +1
75.1-85% = +2
Win+ 3 pts
Save+ 0.12 pts
Goal Against– 1 pt
Shutout Bonus+ 2 pts
Start+ 1 pt
Penalty Shot Save+ 2 pts
Goal+ 3 pts
Assist+ 2 pts
Save Percentage0-25% = -1
25.1-50% = 0
50.1-75% = +1
75.1-85% = +2
85.1%-95% = +3
95.1-100% = +5


Before the Draft:

  • Feel free to look through all of the players in the league on the Players tab. You can favorite the ones you want to draft, sort and search through various stats, click on players to get more information, and familiarize yourself with the players you love and players maybe you don’t know quite well.
  • Ten minutes before the draft begins, a button will appear that says Join Draft Lobby. Click on that to enter the live draft.

Inside the Draft:

  • The draft is a “snake draft” meaning player A will go first, followed by player B, etc. until the end of the first round, let’s say player L if there are 12 people in the league. For Round 2 of the draft, player L will get first pick and it will go pick by pick back to player A. There are 9 rounds to select players. Your phone will send a notification that it’s your turn to draft, in case you click out of the lobby to look at players or chat. Just click on the notification bubble and it will take you to the live draft again.
  • Players to Draft: Your WNBA team has two (2) guard roster spots, two (2) forward roster spots, one (1) center spot, and one (1) utility spot. The utility spot can be any position – it’s essentially an extra guard/forward/center of your choosing. There are three bench spots that you can fill with any position. You will swap players from your bench to your roster, trade for other players, etc. throughout the season.
  • While drafting, click on the button with three lines in the bottom right-hand corner to see what positions you have filled and which are still empty. The positions/roster spots are in circles on the left-hand side of the tab.

If you cannot draft live, your team will auto-draft. Autodraft will select the next best ranked player and fill your roster with at least the required positions – your bench will be next best player regardless of position.