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Who We Are

Did you know that women make up 40% of US athletes but only receive 4% of US sports media coverage?

We think women deserve better. That’s why we are here.

She Plays is a platform dedicated to women’s professional sports leagues in the United States – and their amazing fans! We are hosting the first ever major fantasy sports site in the US covering women’s professional sports, as well as featuring female athletes and bringing news from the women’s sports world in a weekly podcast and newsletter.

We hope to help continue the momentum of growing women’s professional leagues in the US and abroad – and we know we can’t do it alone!

Maybe you’ve never followed sports much. Or maybe you are a diehard fan of one league, but don’t know about many others. Whatever your circumstance, we invite you to dive in with us as we tell the world about these incredibly talented women and make fantasy sports a reality for women’s leagues.

League News & Press Releases

A resource for all of the online ways to connect with your favorite leagues!

She Plays’ Official Press Releases