Roster – Total (16); Weekly roster (11)

(Draft requires 1 GK, 2 Defenders, 2 Midfielders, 2 Forwards, any others for remaining 9)

Standard rosters include one Goalkeeper, two Defenders, two Midfielders, two Forwards, four FLEX (any position: GK/D/M/F), and five Bench Spots (BEN — players on your roster who are not in your active lineup for a given week).

Game-day lineup: 1 GK, 2 DEF, 2 MID, 2 FOR; 4 FLEX players (any position) 


GKDM and F
Goal+26 Pts+24 Pts+20 Pts
Assists+16 Pts+15 Pts+12 Pts
Shot – total possible?+2Pts+2 Pts+2 Pts
Shot on Goal+2 Pts+2 Pts+2 Pts
Cross+1.5 Pts+1.5 Pts+1.5 Pts
Offsides-1.5 Pts-1.5 Pts-1.5 Pts
Own Goal-15 Pts-15 Pts-15 Pts
Foul Drawn+2 Pts+2 Pts+2 Pts
Foul Conceded-1 Pts-1 Pts-1 Pts
Tackle Won+2 Pts+2 Pts+2 Pts
Interception0+1 Pts+1 Pts
Yellow Card-3 Pts-3 Pts-3 Pts
Red Card-6 Pts-6 Pts-6 Pts
Penalty Kick Miss-10 Pts-10 Pts-10 Pts
PK Made+10 Pts+10 Pts+10 Pts
Clean Sheet+10 Pts+6 Pts0
Accurate Pass+0.05 Pts+0.05 Pts+0.05 Pts
Assisted Shot+2 Pts+2 Pts+2 Pts
Save+3 Pts00
Goal Allowed-2 Pts-1 Pt0
Win+4 Pts+4 Pts+4 Pts
Penalty Kick Save+6 Pts00
Shootout Goal+3 Pts+3 Pts+3 Pts
Shootout Miss-2 Pts-2 Pts-2 Pts
Shootout Save+3 Pts00
Minutes Played+0.1/min+0.1/min+0.1/min

Draft Questions

Before the Draft:

  • Feel free to look through all of the players in the league on the Players tab. You can favorite the ones you want to draft, sort and search through various stats, click on players to get more information, and familiarize yourself with the players you love and players maybe you don’t know quite well.
  • Ten minutes before the draft begins, a button will appear that says Join Draft Lobby. Click on that to enter the live draft.

Inside the Draft:

  • The draft is a “snake draft” meaning player A will go first, followed by player B, etc. until the end of the first round, let’s say player L if there are 12 people in the league. For Round 2 of the draft, player L will get first pick and it will go pick by pick back to player A. There are 9 rounds to select players. Your phone will send a notification that it’s your turn to draft, in case you click out of the lobby to look at players or chat. Just click on the notification bubble and it will take you to the live draft again.
  • Players to Draft: Your NWSL team has one (1) goalkeeper, two (2) defenders, two (2) midfielders, two (2) forwards, and four (4) FLEX players. The FLEX spot can be any position – it’s essentially an extra player of your choosing. There are five bench spots that you can fill with any position. You will swap players from your bench to your roster, trade for other players, etc. throughout the season.
  • While drafting, click on the button with three lines in the bottom right-hand corner to see what positions you have filled and which are still empty. The positions/roster spots are in circles on the left-hand side of the tab.

If you cannot draft live, your team will auto-draft. Autodraft will select the next best ranked player and fill your roster with at least the required positions – your bench will be next best player regardless of position.

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