Pop Culture + Women’s Sports w/ the FutureMillionHeirs

It’s no lie that 2020 has been a tough year. One thing that has kept us laughing, entertained and inspired is the FutureMillionHeirs!

This dynamic trio (Hailey, Amanda and Ali) is bringing together pop culture and the world of women’s sports in the battle to close the coverage gap that exists in the sports industry. Women’s sports only receive 4% of sports media attention despite women being 40% of athletes in the country. As the FMH team says, “We cover women’s sports. Because you can’t close the pay gap without closing the coverage gap. And because we f*cking love women’s sports.”

Cheers to that! We love the FutureMillionHeirs – give them a follow and you will not regret it! Find FMH on Instagram, Twitter and their website!

Check out their podcast as well!!

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