We hit pause on the normal day-to-day and dive into all things sports! Our podcast guests come from a variety of professional backgrounds but one thing unites them all: they love sports. Whether it’s reminiscing on their glory days of playing, going through their typical gameday experience as a fan, or connecting what they learned on the field to how they excel in their current career, we hope you enjoy this break in the action to chat all things sports.

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EP 12: Tracy Deforge

Tracy Deforge has a J.D. from Seton Hall Law School, has held positions at the NHL and MLB Advanced Media, is a former Division 1 track and field athlete, a 6-time marathon finisher, and a 2nd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. She is also founder and CEO of an investment and funding platform for professional athletes called The Players‘ Impact where she is focused on the growth of early stage companies, venture investment and pioneering business initiatives in the sports industry.

Founded in 2017, The Players’ Impact originated as a group of athletes primarily interested in investing in startups. As our community grew, we quickly realized there was more to this group than investing. Identifying our diverse community as Athlete Investors, Athlete Entrepreneurs and those in transition, we offer resources and access for all. Now TPI is a hub for business-minded pro athletes(both current, former and Olympian) seeking to achieve business success, preserve and build wealth, and leave a legacy beyond their sports careers. 

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