Taylor vs. Serrano: An Epic Showdown

Taylor and Serrano will slug it out for the first time ever, with the former’s undisputed lightweight title at stake.

By Alexandra Cadet

After all this time, it’s finally official: Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano will face off on Saturday. Plenty of non-fans will have heard about this fight by now, and for good reason; both women are huge names in the sport, they’ve been itching to fight each other for years, and this is the first-ever time they’ll be meeting in the ring. Not to mention, that ring just so happens to be at Madison Square Garden.

Taylor and Serrano will take to the ring on Saturday. (Image from RingTV, photo by Ed Mulholland)

As a result, the speculation and buzz surrounding the fight have reached a fever pitch. Will Taylor be able to defend her lightweight titles? Will Serrano prove that she’s an unstoppable force once again? All eyes are on Saturday to answer these questions––and provide some great entertainment in the process

Why It’s Important

The reasons why this matchup is a watershed moment for boxing are countless. For starters, it’s been literal years in the making. Per ESPN, unsuccessful negotiations prevented things from getting off the ground when the matchup was first proposed. Then finally, a deal was made for a fight in early May of 2020…which was immediately postponed due to the pandemic. 

The COVID-ravaged year after that came and went, and the fated Taylor-Serrano showdown was starting to look like a pipe dream. But thanks in part to the involvement of Jake Paul, talks between the two parties resumed––and succeeded, with Serrano receiving a massive purse for her participation. Casuals and diehards alike have waited so long for this match-up, so the fact that it’s finally taking place is a pretty Big Deal™.

Another reason this fight is important is simply that both contestants are extremely notable in the boxing world. Taylor is the 2012 lightweight Olympic champion, a two-weight World champion, and (most importantly) the current undisputed lightweight champion. In other words, she currently holds every single world lightweight title offered by the major boxing associations, a feat as rare as it is impressive. 

Serrano’s career is nothing to sneeze at, either. She’s earned world titles in seven different divisions, a record in the women’s game. Oh, and she hasn’t lost a fight in ten years. No matter who comes out on top in Madison Square Garden, one thing’s for certain: we’re witnessing history between two boxing greats.

What to Expect

Both Taylor and Serrano have favored techniques that come with their own strengths and weaknesses. Per Mikaela Mayer (another star in the boxing world), Taylor has an arrhythmic attacking style that can catch new opponents off-guard. However, she also relies on this strategy a bit too often, giving keen-eyed boxers a way to predict her moves after a round or two. On the other side, Serrano is a southpaw who wears her opponents down with sheer strength and power. But will sheer strength be enough against someone as resilient and experienced as Taylor? 

Victory for All Involved

In the end, both of these women have a real chance of winning in the ring; whether it’s Serrano or Taylor remains to be seen. But what’s clear is that they––as well as the fans––have already won just by holding the fight. Hosting a match in a venue like Madison Square Garden is a major accomplishment, and bodes well for the women’s division going forward. Add to that the fact that two boxing legends are at the center of the action, and we’ve got a landmark moment that will resonate for years to come. 

“When we announced this fight, there were a lot of people snickering […] about going to the main room at the Garden. And when they see what they’re going to see on April 30, it’s going to feel really sweet because everything we believed in will come true,” said promoter Eddie Hearn to ESPN. “Not just that, you’ll get a fight for the ages as well. I believe the world will stop and watch.” 

Serrano and Taylor get to make history, and fans across the globe will get a front-row seat. No matter what happens on Saturday, it’s already a major victory for all involved.

The following card is slated for 4/30/22:

Katie Taylor vs Amanda Serrano––main event, ring walks scheduled to begin at 10:15 PM EST

Jessie Vargas vs Liam Smith

Franchon Crews-Dezurn vs Elin Cederroos

Galal Yafai vs Miguel Cartagena

Austin Williams vs Chordale Booker

Reshat Mati vs Joe Eli Hernandez

Skye Nicolson vs. Shanecqua Paisley Davis

Khalil Coe vs William Langston

Details on how to watch can be found here

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