The Athletes and Fans that Showed Up and Showed Out for Halloween

It’s spooky season, y’all.

By Alexandra Cadet

For some reason, I feel like Halloween went as quickly as it came this year. Nevertheless, plenty of athletes and sports fans alike were on their A-Game when it came to costumes, so I took the liberty of recapping some of the ensembles that I saw online. Without further ado, here they are in all their glory:

1. A fan dressed up as Sue Bird

So cute, so well-executed, we love it. Hopefully this girl is ready for the influx of soccer fans asking her if she’s dressed up as “Megan Rapinoe’s girlfriend,” though.

2. Fans in Stephanie Labbé and Christine Sinclair costumes

I always welcome more Sinclair and Labbé praise, so I’m definitely a huge fan of these getups. But why oh why do those medals look like they’re bronze?

3. The Connecticut Whale as ghosts

It’s nice that the players are all matching, but those ghost outfits are as convincing as my mother when she begs me to pursue a law degree. She says that it’ll “open more doors for me.” Sure, Mom. Sure.

4. The Gal Pal Sports founders as Diana Taurasi and her favorite door

This is a tough one to beat—we’ve got CRAFTSMANSHIP, we’ve got LORE,  we’ve got CARPENTRY. The only thing that would make these costumes better is if they had someone be a ref for the person dressed as Tarausi to punch. 

5. Breanna Stewart and Marta Xargay Casademont as giraffes


6. Some more WNBA Players as assorted characters

All of these costumes are gold, but Dolson is the clear winner to me. Twitter seems to agree

7. Betnijah Laney as a fairy queen (I think)

I’m loving the color combos she used, and the elf/pixie ears are a nice touch.

8. A’ja Wilson as Minnie Mouse

10/10. Using yellow crocs as a substitute for Minnie’s shoes is brilliant. 

9. Blitz the Seahawk as…well, just look at him

Bow down to the King Of Puns. Give that bird mascot a raise, please.

10. Candice Dupree as a WNBA ref

Realllllllly not sure if using a disability as a costume is the way to go (though it’s not my call to make as I’m not part of the disabled community). However, her gripe with the quality of refereeing in the league is certainly understandable, and the outfit looks great.

11. Jaqueline Cristian as a vampire

This is called playing it smart, not hard. Not only is the costume simple, clean, and easy to work in, but it’s extra appropriate considering that she’s playing at the Transylvania Open.

And finally…

12. This vampire bro at the Transylvania Open

Honestly, the fact that this dude is listening attentively to the person next to him, nodding his head, and adjusting his mask as if everything is totally normal and he’s not in an insanely elaborate vampire getup makes me love his costume event more. Truly the MVP of what turned out to be a Halloween to remember.

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